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EuroAvi LTD - Dragalina, Calarasi County


Euroavi is a poultry slaughterhouse founded in 2009 and located in Dragalina, Calarasi County, Romania. The company was built up by associates which own modern poultry farms functioning in line with the latest EU regulations.
The fortunate position in the middle of the most fertile soil in Romania allows the farmers to feed the chicken with the best quality fodder. Hence, the chickens are fed with fodder obtained from grains grown in Baragan enhancing the aspect and moreover the taste of our products which not only meet the latest and strictest European Union (IFS 6) norms, but ensure all nutritional components for our customers.
The name of our brand, “Chicken of Baragan”, is registered with the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks and can be freely and exclusively used by our company.



Our modern equipment and professional staff guarantee the welfare of the chickens before slaughter and non-contamination of the products throughout the production flow. The permanent monitoring of the entire production process, the ongoing evaluation of the suppliers and the analysis of customers’ satisfaction, help us to meet our absolute goal: offering our consumers a quality, tasty and fresh product..


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Our company is constantly developing and besides continuously increasing its capacity production, we intend to diversify the packaging methods and have already purchased equipment for packing in controlled atmosphere and shrinkable bags (vacuum). Also our plans include diversification of the products by setting up a new warehouse for producing ground meat, schnitzel, hot dogs, small spicy grilling products: wings, chicken drumsticks, breast skewers chicken and chicken legs.
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